Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ACTION ALERT: Save Tobacco Prevention and Cessation for Our State!

We need you to CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES to save tobacco prevention programs in our state. These programs keep kids from smoking and help people quit!

According to subscription only MIRS news, Andy Dillon has just proposed an increase in the Other Tobacco Products tax. This tax would generate $41 million in revenue for the state. Unfortunately, the revenue would not be used for tobacco prevention and cessation.

We need to contact Speaker Dillon, Governor, and Representatives and tell them to support these tobacco tax increases and use the money to restore the Healthy Michigan Fund tobacco prevention and cessation program. Our legislators need to hear from the public that people support tobacco taxes and the tobacco prevention program!

WHAT: Contact your Representative, as well as Speaker Dillon and Governor’s Office.

HOW: To find the contact information for your Senator and Representative visit the following links:
-House: http://www.house.mi.gov/find_a_rep.asp

Contact information for the Governor’s office: 517-373-3400
House Speaker Dillon 517-373-0857 andydillon@house.mi.gov

Pass this alert along to your networks and encourage them to take action.

WHEN: Immediately! There is no time to waste. Make these calls as soon as possible. Encourage people to keep calling until a final budget deal is in place.


1. Increase tobacco taxes and fund and restore the tobacco prevention and cessation program!

2. The Healthy Michigan Fund and the Tobacco Prevention Program are essential to the health and economy of our state.

3. Michigan ranks 46th among all states in funding for tobacco prevention and cessation.

4. You cannot solve the problem of chronic disease by eliminating prevention funding in favor of Medicaid.


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