Tuesday, June 2, 2009



Last Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted 73-31 to pass HB 4377. This bill would make Michigan workplaces smoke free, including restaurants and bars. Although HB 4377 does make exemptions for casino gaming floors, tobacco specialty shops, and cigar bars it is much closer to the clean bill the Senate passed last December.

We are closer to a smoke free workplaces law than we’ve ever been and we have you to thank! Your quick and forceful responses to our Action Alerts have made a HUGE impact on our elected officials. Last session the House passed a very similar bill with 56 votes. That number jumped up by 17 votes because of your calls, letters, and emails.

The bill is now in the Senate for consideration. We must keep the pressure on the Senate and tell them how important it is to take up this legislation. Here’s what we need you to do:

Please call the Office of Your Senator. To find their contact information go to www.senate.mi.gov and click on the "Find your Senator" link in the left column of the page.

Tell the person answering the phone your name and why you are calling. ("I am calling regarding the smoke free workplaces issue/the smoking legislation/smoking in bars and restaurants")

• Please tell your lawmaker that you want them to vote for a comprehensive smoke free air bill that protects ALL of Michigan’s workers.

• If you have a brief personal story about secondhand smoke and how its affected you, share it with your lawmaker. Tell him/her why smoke free air is so important to you.

Again, thank you for your dedication to this issue. Your voice is the most powerful tool we have in this process. It was your voices that got this issue back on the agenda, and your voices that will resolve this issue. Together, we CAN make 2009 the year that Michigan passes a smoke free law.

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